Gemini Development

Rapid MVP Development for anyone.

Gemini Development is a boutique software development agency focused on delivering amazing digital product experiences.


We are a team driven by a love of creating minimum viable products that scale. We're veterans of the digital product world and have decades of combined experience building proven platforms that grow with their companies.

Our Core Values


Project Management

Project Management

Organized, efficient and minimal, we communicate the way you like. We're meticulous about our process. We use cutting edge tools to map your project and offer transparency into how your project is being built.


Scalable Platforms

Scalable Platforms

We build carefully to ensure you won't be hopping platforms tomorrow. We know platform is an investment so we build in a way that promotes maintainability and sustainability.


MVP Development

MVP Development

Our entire process is centered around delivering a product you can test early and often. We will get a workable prototype in your hands early, letting you drive the future of your project.

Our Services

Software Platforms

Building with the latest tech, we can design and create a platform to help automate your business.


We can build from scratch or move your business to a new platform. We use a toolkit of elite eCommerce products.

Mobile Applications

Want to take your business mobile? We can do that to. We create awesome hybrid mobile apps.

Website Development

Just needing a website for your startup or business? We can design an epic experience that your visitors will love.

Email Automation

Want to improve how you communicate with customers? We can build high converting marketing flows.


We can also work side-by-side with your team to outline a project you want to build, even if it's not an MVP.


Our Cred

We have forged our skills building scalable products in fast paced environments.

Our team cut their teeth building in the eCommerce space and has now turned their focus to a wider field of digital products. We've worked for Fortune 10 companies so we also understand the unique needs of enterprise software and large corporate clients. We bring the unique perspective of having worked for startups to all of our projects and can deliver a refined product quicker than most would expect.

We've interfaced with the government and with small mom and pop shops. Interacting with such a varied client base makes our client services team the best in the biz, bar none. No matter your size, you'll get the same quality service.

Our Office
Why MVPs?

We strongly believe that the earlier we get a product in the users' hand the better. By learning early we can adjust the development of the product to tailor fit the needs of the users. We build what the user actually wants, not what we think they want.


“The ability to learn faster from customers is the essential competitive advantage that startups must possess.” - Eric Ries


Jim Kane

CoFounder/Lead Developer

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Blake Puryear

CoFounder/Product Manager

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Joshua Campbell


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John James


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Our Goal

Create world changing product experiences with beautiful software and to have fun doing it.

We start every project with a singular question: "How can we change the user's world?"

Putting the user first is in our blood.

Who are we?

We're a motley crew. We've worked for the highway department, Fortune 10 companies, multiple startups and one of us was even a doctor. We love software, college football, agile development, golf and Lego®. You've never seen a team with the diversity of interests and team chemistry like us. We bring a unique dynamic to every project we touch.

Are you interested in joining our team? We're always looking for talented individuals to join us. Send an email to if you'd like to talk.


Get in touch -- we'd love to talk about how we can craft your MVP.

Visit Us

The Old Post Office
1 West Center Street
Fayetteville, Arkansas

We're embedded in Hayseed Ventures, a venture capital production studio located in a 105 year old post office that has been converted into a startup hub.


Phone: +1 479-236-4387